E- Marketing

Do you know that e-marketing is the heart of e-business?
E-marketing involves constantly connecting with customers, giving instant feedback, staying connected online with the use of various e-tools. In e-marketing it is important that you keep your e-CRM (customer relationship management) ablaze because it adds more value to your brand online.
In this sense keeping your website ablaze is as important as keeping your physically office attractive, do not aggravate your brand site with unanswered e-mails, cumbersome downloads, too much navigation and too many out-of-date content.
When creating a website, view yourself as a customer and imagine what you would want to see when you visit the website, make researched on asking customers what they would like on a web site.
Do not make reviews focusing on latest technology but on customers review, consider how it can add value to their online experience.
In short, the look of your website improves your e-marketing thereby bringing your e-business alive.
N:B- the world’s most popular web sites have four common factors: high-quality content; ease of use; quick download; updated frequently (Forrestor Research, 1999).