Starting a business (part 4)

Get clear on your product and services.
Do you constantly ask yourself how you can make sales in your business since a lot of people are into the same business?
When deciding on the type of business you want to start, after you must have written down your business plans, make sure to detail down everything your business is about.
In this section, you should get a clear description of what you want to sell with an emphasis on the value you are offering to your customers.
There are possibly a lot of firms selling the same product as you, how do you make your product preferable?
Give a concise description of your product; get clear on your strategy.
While writing your product descriptions, keep your customers in mind, don’t bore them with long details, hit the point and at the same time convince them to choose your product while stating the benefit of choosing you, some people would say to exaggerate, it could be true, although no one is asking that you tell a blatant lie, but make your description as enticing as possible.

By Abraham Kemisola