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We strategically plan and structure businesses for development

Who we are

Maximizing business potentials for growth

We analyze and interpret data to unearth weaknesses and problems of clients and comprehend the causes; after which we provide a reliable guide for an efficient running of a business.

We help your business grow at rapid pace

PADE is sectioned into its advisory and professional services. Its advisory services function involved in setting up and running an organization successfully.


We work with a core team of experts in various fields who are committed and have expertise as well as impeccable references. We have an outline of technical and personal resources to assure competence.

Strategic Branding

Branding is one vital part of any business success. At PADE, our corporate branding specialists are hands-on to see businesses develop continuously.

Human Resource

We provide the knowledge, tools, training, legal advice, administration and talent management, which is crucial to sustaining and advancing your organization.

Business Development

Implementation of a wide scope of ideas, activities, and initiatives with the goal of growing your business is our forte.

Trusted by top-leading companies.

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Maximizing Business Potentials

Want to run your businesss more successfully? Our team of experts are always on hand to help you position your business for success.