Who we are

Maximizing business potentials for growth

We analyze and interpret data to unearth weaknesses and problems of clients and comprehend the causes; after which we provide a reliable guide for an efficient running of a business.

Everyone business is included.

PADE works with various businesses, from the mini shops to large corporations, we expand ideas.


An aspect which contributes immensely to National employment and economy is the MSMEs. PADE over the years has grown an unbreakable bond with the Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises: fostering developing opportunities which range from organizing Trade fairs to Financing, building enterprising relationships with organizational bodies responsible for business development as well as managing the day to day activities of these small scale businesses to maximize potentials.


Ideas and abstracts; visions and aspirations; goals and dreams; concepts and insights… one thing is common to all, the need to become life. PADE works with startups providing a skeletal framework that covers the technicalities and bottlenecks involved in building up one. We stand by you till your business stands.

Large Corporations

Assurance, Taxing and Auditing; Management; Staffing and Structuring; Shareholding, Asset valuation and Finance sourcing: Product development, Marketing, and Exporting. They sound herculean? Not when you consult professionals with tons of experience.

Services We Offer

PADE is sectioned into its advisory and professional services that help in setting up and running an organization successfully. Our team of experts employ professional and data driven approach to ensure overall business success.


Let’s tell you how to do the work while we guide you through: PADE is heavily committed in lending helping hands to businesses that would rather prefer to be taught, such services that involves advisory, follow up and economic forecasting services. We will hold your hands and watch your business grow.




We provide finance, management, organizational structuring, economic forecasting services



Skills Training

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Digital Marketing

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Brand Startegy

Business structuring/planning to ensure continuous development of organizations

Maximizing Business Potentials

Want to run your businesss more successfully? Our team of experts are always on hand to help you position your business for success.