About us

Pade Business Consulting...

About us

PADE is a Business Consulting brand focused on effectively and efficiently organizing and setting up blueprints for business. PADE analyzes and interprets data to unearth weaknesses and problems of clients and comprehend the causes after which we provide a reliable guide for an efficient running of a business.

PADE    also    offers    branding    strategies   that    help    with    business structuring/planning to ensure continuous development of organizations.

Core values


Our core values at PADE are centered at bringing out maximum potential within ourselves and organizations we work with. Our watchword is DEVELOPMENT; development in productivity, intellectually, mentally and in spirit. We strive for excellence in all the services we render. This, we do with passion, creativity and dedication.


ü  Insightful: we seek facts and provide insights objectively. We ensure confirmation bias is erased, challenge assumptions and pursue facts to strengthen our reputation as business advisers.


ü  Development: we are committed to societal and communal development. We function responsibly by paying attention to issues and policies which favour the growth and development of the society.


ü  Professionalism: at PADE, we strive to accomplish perfectionism in carrying out tasks. We do not see it as unrealistic but set it as a standard for our functions.


ü  Integrity: Providing sound advice and maintaining our independence is a value we strive to uphold. We are bonded by our work. We say it, we strive to achieve it. You can count on us.


ü  Respect: we respect people and organizations for who they are, for their ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences.

Our Vision

To function as an institution that maximizes the socio-economic potentials of enterprises.

Our Mission

Team Development

Facilitating the development of our team by tasks and value-based trainings to be able to proffer solutions to economic

Professional services

Offering professional advisory, training and coaching services based on valid methods that have been certified through


Promoting innovation and creativity, sustainable development and we try to inculcate this into our